The possession was 80% to 20% in favour of Atlético Nacional: did it help having so much of the ball?

There was a difference of 527 passes between the two sides, 80%-20% possession. However they both had the same amount of shots on goal. Which worked best?

The stats have re-opened the discussion on the topic which is spoken about all over the world: is having more of the ball worth it?

Atlético Nacional made 700 passes and Deportivo La Guaira only 173. The Colombians had a passing accuracy of 87% whilst the Venezuelan's had 53%. The possession was 80%-20% in favour of Atlético Nacional. It's easy to tell which team was in control but that doesn't paint the whole picture. Once Marcelo Bielsa said observations should come from the amount of chances created. And in the 1st leg of Phase 2 match, both sides had 13 shots on goal.

That means all those passes didn't generate more chances on goal.

And even further to that, aside from the open goal Ramírez missed for Atlético Nacional, the winning strike came from an incredible effort from outside of the box..

Those numbers were the best seen by an away side in the Libertadores.

Why did both teams end with the same amount of shots on goal? Why, from the 13 efforts the two sides had, did each team only get their shot on target once?

"Possession of the ball doesn't interest me at all," Diego Simeone had said on more than one occasion. He once beat Bayern Munich in a Champions League semi-final in which the German side had 35 efforts on goal.

"My idea everything begins and ends with the ball. I want it, and I work towards that, so that these players keep their 'amateur spirit'. The only thing I ask of these players is, for whatever reason they decided to become footballers, they have the ball for as long as possible," is what Pep Guardiola said on possession.

Different visions and ideologies. Each team plays how they want. Although Atlético Nacional won 1-0, they set up to always be on the attack. Whereas Deportivo La Guaira defended with order and structure.