Talleres pressure you with their system, their supporters and their heart

The tactical setup and the intelligence of the players made it complicated for Sao Paulo to get going. The two golazos helped open the door to Phase 3 for the Argentines.

Juan Pablo Vojvoda knew how to shut down Sao Paulo. He understood that the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium would be boiling with passion. Their supporters would will them on. The anxiety surrounding this knockout tie was huge. The coach understood this to perfection. He organised his team accordingly: press, press and press. The legs and the hearts of the Talleres players reponded.

No system can work without heart, and less so without intelligence behind it. Talleres midfield has two important members who have an age difference of 18 years: Andrés Cubas, 22, and Pablo Guiñazú, 40. Both, despite their varying levels of experience, function as the brain of this team. It doesn't always mean spotting passes. It's also about knowing the right time to press and attack space on the pitch.

Sao Paulo couldn't get a foothold in the game. Talleres wouldn't allow them to play it out. They took advantage of the distruption the constant pressure was causing and punished the Brazilians accordingly.

Guiñazú and Cubas produced 15 of Talleres attacks. They also stopped exactly the same amount of chances Sao Paulo attempted to create. Those two allowed their teammates to shine in midfield. And it was Tomás Pochettino and Juan Ramírez who scored the goals which sealed victory for Talleres.