Sebastián Gómez, the pass master

Atlético Nacional's midfielder was the star of the show and capped off his commanding performance with an incredible goal.

Whenever you walk along the streets of Medellín and ask which player fits the philosophy of Atlético Nacional the best, the answer is always the same: Sebastiían Gómez. The stats from the match against Deportivo La Guaira are clear for all to see. In the Venezuelan's half, the 22-year-old midfielder made 60 passes with 85.5% accuracy. It isn't only about the quality of the passes. Most of it down to how you think and what you see. It's as if nothing escapes the midfielder's attention.

This isn't anything new either, although he's been tasked in replacing a key figure in Jorman Campuzano. The midfielder now lives in Buenos Aires and plays for Boca Juniors. Gómez didn't join Atlético Nacional too long ago. The midfielder arrived from Leones but he had the exact pedigree Medellín were looking for.

Gómez appeared at the right moment in the match: Atlético Nacional were struggling to to break down La Guaira and the midfielder popped up with a stunning strike from outside the area. "I'm showing the talent and ability this team has. The matches that we played before helped us improve, the work of the coach (Paulo Autuori) is beginning to show and it's important that we build up play in an organised way as we look to create chances," he explained this week talking about the team's new chapter.

Jorge Hugo Fernández in the 70s, César Cueto in the 80s, Álvarez in the 90s, Aldo Leao Ramírez in the 00s, Macnelly Torres in the last decade. Atlético Medellín usually have technically sound players in the midfield. Gómez could be the latest name to be added to that list. His talent has now been introduced to the CONMEBOL Libertadores.