Real Garcilaso vs Deportivo La Guaira: Reimond Manco's golazo in Phase 1 of the CONMEBOL Libertadores

In 2007 he broke onto the scene with the U17s. He was one of the brightest promises in Peruvian football. In 2018, he didn't go to the World Cup in Russia. He knows that if his performances continue to impress, he'll get another chance.

Reimond Manco saw something no one else did. 15 minutes into the first half he turned and without lifting up his head shot towards goal. He was around the centre circle and Mario Santilli was off his line. A few seconds later he came over to one side, with tears in his eyes, looking over at one of his family members celebrating. It might only be Phase 1 of the CONMEBOL Libertadores but it's possible that goal, which opened the scoring for Real Garcilaso against Deportivo La Guaira, will be one of the best seen this season.

Manco has chosen his class since he was young. He was one of the best players in the U17 World Cup in 2007, when Peru surprised everybody by reaching the quarter finals. He was a huge prospect at Alianza Lima. Scouts from all over Europe saw his performances but it was PSV who secured his signature. At 18, he was living in Holland, where he stayed for two years until he returned to Peru. At 20, his fame was still rising. Atlante, in Mexico, was his next destination before he spent time in Qatar and later Venezuela.

In 2019 he returned to Peru with Real Garcilaso. His matches in the CONMEBOL Libertadores were his first for the club. He ran himself into the ground and topped it off with a wonderful goal. He's finding his best form again. Manco said he was delighted when Peru qualified for the World Cup but was sad when he didn't make the squad which headed to Russia. At 28, without any doubt, he's got time on his side to win over coach Ricardo Gareca and return to the national team.