Pablo López, the man who arrived at Defensor thanks to a YouTube video

The left sided forward was the best player for Defensor. He scored a wonderful solo effort and won the penalty which saw his side go 3-2 up.

Pablo López's uncle believed in his nephew's footballing ability and decided to upload a video on YouTube showcasing two of his goals and four dribbles. His father decided to send that video to Defensor Sporting. The youngster, born in Paso de los Toros, stood out from the rest. He showed those same silky skills last night in La Paz.

Defensor Sporting's second goal was magical. The build up play of passes was great, probing for space, going from one side of the pitch to the other. That was until it arrived at the feet of López. He pushed the ball ahead of him, squeezed past his marker before calmly chipping it over the goalkeeper´s head.

But that wasn't the first major involvement from the 22-year-old López in the match. That was the goal that wasn't a goal. He was sent through one and one with the keeper and aimed for the far post. The ball restled in the back of the net but the celebrations were cut short after it was ruled out.

López's dribbling ability was a constant source of frustration for Bolívar. His quick feet was too much for the defender and he earned his side a penalty which would eventually make it 3-2 to Defensor.