Ordóñez and Garcés: Delfín's goalscoring machines

The striking duo for Fabián Bustos' team were lethal in Phase 1 of the CONMEBOL Libertadores: they scored all five goals against Nacional de Paraguay.

Delfín line up with two banks of four and two strikers. They were organised and prepared to compete in both the Ecuadorian league and the CONMEBOL Libertadores.The devastating partnership between Roberto Ordóñez and Carlos Garcés saw them convert five goals in the knockout tie against Nacional de Paraguay.

They aren't the same type of players but they compliment each other brilliantly. 'La Tuka' Ordóñez, at 33, has the fitness of a youngster: a burst of acceleration and is unstoppable. Although his frame might suggest he'd be a classic centre forward, that isn't exactly true. He knows how to drift wide, dribble and run directly at his marker. He might even make a good winger. Although he's in the final stretch of his career he was chosen for the Ecuador national team in 2017 and it's possible, if he maintains this level, that he'll receive another call up soon. In the 2018 edition of the Libertadores he scored Delfín's first ever goal in the competition. In this current campaign he's already on three goals.

Garcés is different. He's extremely intelligent and is constantly playing the game in his head. He's got a strong shot on him and whilst he doesn't have the potential of Ordóñez, he knows how to find space out on the pitch. He's a keen motivator, eager for his team to maintain their shape. Garcés is constantly putting pressure on the opposition's defence. In many ways, 'La Tuka' and him are the perfect match. They both know where the other one is going to be.

The pair hugged knowing they had secured the objective: playing against Caracas in Phase 2. They scored two goals in Paraguay to put the match beyond any doubt.