“La Glória Eterna”, CONMEBOL Libertadores produced mini-series depicting Flamengo’s 2019 Libertadores Title, will feature song exclusively composed by Sain.

Flamengo supporter Sain creates 23.11 inspired by the title-winning campaign. First two chapters of “La Glória Eterna” to debut July 14th.

Flamengo’s unmatched run to the 2019 Libertadores title served as inspiration for Stephan Peixoto, Sain, on a previously unreleased track: 23.11. The song, whose title alludes to the date Flamengo lifted each of their two Libertadores trophies, will feature as part of the exclusive soundtrack of “La Glória Eterna” the CONMEBOL Libertadores produced mini-series set to debut July 14th. 

For Sain, a committed Flamengo supporter, composing 23.11 was a unique way to again experience Flamengo’s dramatic victory in the Final of the 2019 CONMEBOL Libertadores, which saw two late goals from Gabriel Barbosa give Flamengo the title in the first Final to be played as a one-off match on a neutral pitch. 

“I lived it all, you know? I watched every match, every goal scored, every goal conceded… I suffered, I cried, I got emotional… I’ve been a Flamengo supporter all my life, I know what that shirt signifies”, said Sain, the son of another well-known Flamengo supporter, the musician Marcelo D2. “The whole campaign was really emotional, and winning took a weight off of the shoulders.”

Alongside the new track, Sain also authors the beats that provide the rhythm for the six episodes of “La Glória Eterna”, a creation of FC Diez Media’s digital team, CONMEBOL’s partner in content creation for club tournaments. The recording of 23.11 in a studio in Rio de Janeiro generated images for a video clip released on the digital platforms of the CONMEBOL Libertadores last Thursday (9). 

“Firstly, it was an honor to be invited, and I view the honor with a responsibility! In the end, to compose a soundtrack for a series that tells the story of a moment that’s so historic in the history of Flamengo has a weight. I don’t say that only as a supporter. Flamengo is an integral part of humanity, mixing with the imagination of people spread out all over the world. So, after the initial adrenaline rush, I focused on producing a sound that brought all of that emotion of what it was to live that path to a second Libertadores title. I thought about each beat, each rhyme with the intention of mixing in reality with the heart of a rubro-negro supporter.” Sain explained. 

Two episodes of the mini-series will be shown each Tuesday (July 14th, 21st, and 28th) on the CONMEBOL Libertadores Facebook page. “La Glória Eterna” was offered exclusively to all of the rights-holders of the CONMEBOL Libertadores

The partnership between CONMEBOL and FC Diez Media already produced two other special films: “23/11- Glória Eterna for Flamengo”, which told the story of the 2019 Libertadores Final in detail, and “Gre-Nal the Film” which marked the first ever meeting of Grêmio and Internacional in the Libertadores.



Runtime: 1h58, divided into six episodes
Broadcast: July 14th, 21st, and 28th, at 21h30 (Brasília) on Facebook.
Realization: CONMEBOL
Executive Production: FC Diez Media

General Direction: Ricardo Taves
Script and Project: Thiago Salata, Thiago Rocha and Marcio Porto
Director of Production: Adriano Esteves
Soundtrack: Sain


Director: Ricardo Taves
Director of Photography: Adriano Esteves
Assistant Directors: Julia Okano e Ian Campbell
Images - Sain: 2 Oaks
Executive Production: FC Diez Media
Art: Martín Garro