Holan: "Pablo Pérez and Cecilio Domínguez will play for Independiente"

The coach announced at his press conference that both players would be new additions at Independiente.

Without any cryptic messages or sitting on the fence, Ariel Holan cut straight to the point when talking about reinforcements for his team.

"I can confirm that Pablo Pérez and Cecilio Domínguez will join Independiente," the head coach announced at his press conference. The Boca Juniors midfielder, runner up in the CONMEBOL Libertadores, will play in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana in 2019 wearing the shirt of the Avellaneda based side.

The coach was also clear about any further plans involving the transfer market. "We need to make balanced signings. We've made $60m from sales and we've reinvested $18m so far. We've invested a lot of money in Domínico training facility: we've built a gym, we're creating pitches and buying things to work with. The club has improved a lot institutionally and we are giving the players all the tools they need."

Holan spoke about two players have have left the club: Emanuel Gigliotti and Leandro Fernández. "My relationship with Gigliotti, on a professional level, was excellent. From my side, I won't block anyone's career and in today's market everyone has a price. 'Al Puma' was excellent for this club. All of the players who left have done so to grow individually. Fernández had a personal fitness coach and is in great shape. He had two serious injuries and if Vélez can give him the minutes he need it'll be great for us as he's still a member of this club and will be welcomed back."

"I don't have the superpowers some attribute to me. I'm the coach of a football team. Of course I have an opinion but not the final say on everything. The reality is everyone that left did so in order to keep developing as professionals," he concluded.