Here's the full history of Superclásicos in the CONMEBOL Libertadores when River are the home side

A new champion will be crowned at El Monumental on the 24th November

Tomorrow we'll see the return leg of the CONMEBOL Libertadores final. On Saturday 24th November, River Plate and Boca Juniors will meet to decide who will win the 2018 edition. It'll be at El Monumental following the 2-2 draw in the first leg at La Bombonera. This time, if the scores are level after 90 minutes, and then after an extra 30 minutes, it'll be decided on penalties.

This will be the 13th match between River and Boca at El Monumental in the CONMEBOL Libertadores. In those encounters, River hold the clear advantage having won 7 times, drawn 3 and lost just 2. However the only time the two have gone head-to-head in the knockout stage, it was Boca who emerged victorious 5-4 on penalties. This came in the semi finals of the 2004 edition before Boca lost the final to Once Caldas.

Aside from that overall loss in the knockout round, River have beaten Boca the last three times the two sides have faced each other at El Monumental in the Libertadores. In 2000 they beat Boca 2-1 at home but were later beaten 3-0 in La Bombonera. In 2004 they won 2-1 at home but lost on penalties in the semi finals. And in 2015 they won 1-0 at El Monumental and qualified for the quarter finals in La Bombonera.

The last victory for Boca in their rival's stadium came back in 1991 during the group stage of the CONMEBOL Libertadores. On that day Boca won 2-0.

Superclásico Libertadores matches played at El Monumental:

COPA LIBERTADORES 1966 - First Stage: River 2-1 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1966 - Second Stage: River 2-2 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1970 - First Stage: River 1-3 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1970 - Second Stage: River 1-0 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1977 - First Stage: River 0-0 Boca (jugado en Huracán)

COPA LIBERTADORES 1978 - Second Stage: River 0-2 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1982 - First Stage: River 1-0 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1986 - First Stage: River 1-0 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 1991 - First Stage: River 0-2 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 2000 - Quarter Finals 1st leg: River 2-1 Boca

COPA LIBERTADORES 2004 - Semi Final 2nd leg: River 2-1 Boca (Boca won 5-4 on penalties)

COPA LIBERTADORES 2015 - Quarter Finals 1st leg: River 1-0 Boca