Gustavo Alfaro and his honest talk on football

The new head coach at Boca Juniors about about everything in his press conference: the transfer market, preseason and football

Gustavo Alfaro didn't leave any stone unturned. He spoke about everything possible from writers, politics, sportspeople and singers. The new Boca Juniors coach was happy to answer the questions put to him in the press conference held in Cardales.

Whereas other coaches might be cautious when it comes to talking about potential transfer targets, the same cannot be said for Alfaro. He spoke about what he wants from his team when they're on the ball on the results he expects on the pitch. Here is what he said on players linked with the club this year:

  • José Luis Palomino: "In regards to Palomino, his intention is to come to Boca, the club wants him, we want him, but it's difficult."
  • Iván Marcone: "As for Marcone it isn't simple. He understands it's a good opportunity and the two clubs are talking. We know Iván well, we give him his debut, he's a great guy."
  • Jorman Campuzano: "Campuzano depends on Atlético Nacional. There are legal issues which we can't get involved in. This is an uncomfortable transfer market to bring in players, both local and from outside (South America)."
  • Marcos Díaz and Agustín Rossi: "There are offers for Rossi from various clubs but Boca don't want to sell. Boca want to keep him. If Rossi goes, Marcos Díaz could come in. But he's got an offer from a European team. Sometimes things don't go the way you want them to."
  • Ángel González: "He's amongst the players we are looking at and we've been told his price. We're working in two realities. We need players that on the 27th can pull on Boca's shirt and play. But we're also thinking about players for the future."

Football. He spoke about football and enjoys doing so. He's embracing the chance to lead this team into a new chapter.

"You need to play in many different situations. You could play Wanchope and Benedetto, but where does Pavón go, where does Tevez fit into that structure? I'm also very happy with Zárate, something which happened when Wanchope arrived at Huracán. Mauro is a player who could give something extra to Boca. He works hard, runs and he's surprised me in a good way. If I have 90 minutes of work between Tevez and Zárate, I have two superstars." The team currently has a lot of attacking options available to Alfaro. "Wanchope and Benedetto are compatible. That's because they're different. Benedetto plays down the middle but he can provide assists, it's something unusual. If Darío is capable of playing in those reduced spaces, if he doesn't get injured, he's the ideal 9 for the national team. Wanchope is different, he tires out his markers. He's extremely optimistic too. He scores goals and he helps the team play to their maximum. He pushes the limit of the opposing defenders, and if that happens, it creates dangerous situations. It isn't impossible to see them play together. In my head, against Aldosivi, they will play part of the match together. There are certain circumstances for them to play together, getting the ball into the area where they can attack through the middle. We will need to see."

In terms of how they'll line up on the pitch, this is what Alfaro said: "I'm going to prioritise the names inside my system. My teams are characterised by their discipline and order. But order doesn't mean curbing their creative freedom. Order is organisation. You need to make them feel free. We need to create relationships between the team members. They need to understand. The players need to ask: "How do I need to play to benefit the team based on my own individual capabilities?" Order doesn't work against that creative freedom. Order is there to allow you to rest and not need to think about obvious situations. If we don't win back the ball, we need to run, the sooner we get it back the more time we have to play." The lesson continued: "Teams need to have two phases. The first is from the centre circle to our goal. There needs to be a player that has one of the two flanks. There's nothing faster than a pass. The second is three quarters up the pitch. If you don't have a phase further up the pitch, it doesn't work. That can be generated by Tevez, Reyonoso. As for the first phase that could be Gago, Pérez, Campuzano.. I like to have those two phases."

And lastly he spoke specifically about three Boca players:

  • "I haven't been able to talk much with Gago. I saw him at the Casa Amarilla and we exchanged messages. He's at the point of getting off his crutches. His idea is to come to Cardales this weekend. We'll speak soon. This is his place, his world."
  • "I told Pavón that I wanted him to rediscover his best form. I want to see that partnership between Pavón and Benedetto because it was formidable. Fabra has returned and needs to find his best form too."
  • "I've seen a happy Tevez. I'm seeing the Carlos Tevez that I hoped to see. Afterwards we need to see the football side. I told the players that talking about systems without specific names isn't real. They need to find systems for the players. I'm seeing the Carlos Tevez I wanted to see. He's happy, committed. In this moment for Boca, Tevez needs to be at the front. But I told him: 'I'm going to push you, I'm going to ask for everything you've got.'. After, whoever wears the armband, it doesn't matter to me who, it isn't important. If I demand more from Tevez it's because I know he has more to give. Because if I ask more of him, he has to give it to us. He wants glory and between us all we're going to look for it."