Group B CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019: fixtures, dates and results from the group which includes Cruzeiro, Emelec, Huracán and Deportivo Lara

The dates, matches and everything you need to know.

The CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019 is in full flow. Here is the draw which saw Group B include Cruzeiro (Brazil), Emelec (Ecuador), Huracán (Argentina) and Deportivo Lara (Venezuela).




Game Week 1

7/3 in Buenos Aires, Huracán-Cruzeiro, 19:00. (Argentina and Brasil)

7/3 in Cabudaré, Deportivo Lara-Emelec, 22:00 (Venezuela) 21:00 (Ecuador) 

Game Week 2

13/3 Belo Horizonte, Cruzeiro-Deportivo Lara, 19.15 hs. in Brasil and 18.15 hs. in Venezuela

14/3 Guayaquil, Emelec-Huracán, 21 hs. in Ecuador and 23 hs. in Argentina

Game Week 3

3/4 Cabudaré, Deportivo Lara-Huracán, 20.30 hs. in Venezuela and 21.30 hs. in Argentina

3/4 Guayaquil, Emelec-Cruzeiro, 19.30 hs. Brazil and 17.30 in Ecuador

Game Week 4

9/4 Belo Horizonte, Cruzeiro-Huracán, 19.15 hs. (Brazil and Argentina)

11/4 Guayaquil, Emelec-Deportivo Lara, 21 hs. in Ecuador and 22 hs. in Venezuela

Game Week 5

23/4 Buenos Aires, Huracán-Emelec, 19.15 de Argentina and 17.15 in Ecuador

23/4 Cabudaré, Deportivo Lara-Cruzeiro, 20.30 de Venezuela and 21.30 in Brasil

Game Week 6

8/5 Buenos Aires, Huracán-Deportivo Lara, 19.15 in Buenos Aires and 18.15 in Venezuela

8/5 Belo Horizonte, Cruzeiro-Emelec, 19.15 in Brazil and 17.15 in Ecuador