Group A of the CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019: fixtures, dates and timetable for the group which includes River Plate, Internacional, Alianza Lima and Palestino

The dates of the matches and all you need to know about the group.

The CONMEBOL Libertadores 2019 is already underway. Following the draw which saw Group A consist of River Plate, the reigning champions, alongside Internacional (Brazil) and Alianza Lima (Peru) - we now know the final team: Palestino (Chile). They beat Talleres in Phase 3. 


Group A Fixtures

Group A Fixtures

Game Week 1

6/3 Santiago, Palestino-Internacional, 19.15 hs. (Chile y Brasil)

6/3 Lima, Alianza Lima-River Plate, 19.30 hs. en Perú y 21.30 hs. en Argentina

Game Week 2

13/3 Porto Alegre, Internacional-Alianza Lima, 21.30 hs. Brazil and 19.30 hs. Perú

13/3 Buenos Aires, River Plate-Palestino, 21.30 hs. (Argentina & Chile)

Game Week 3

2/4 Santiago, Palestino- Alianza Lima, 21.30 hs. Chile and 19.30 hs. Peru

3/4 Porto Alegre, Internacional-River Plate, 19.15 hs. (Brazil & Argentina)

Game Week 4

9/4 Porto Alegre, Internacional-Palestino, 21.30 hs. (Brazil & Argentina) and 20.30 hs. Chile

11/4 Buenos Aires, River Plate-Alianza Lima, 19 hs. Argentina, 17 hs. Perú 

Game Week 5

24/4 Santiago, Palestino-River Plate, 19.15 hs. en Argentina and 18.15 hs. Chile

24/4 Lima, Alianza Lima-Internacional, 19.30 hs. Perú, 21.30 hs. Brazil

Game Week 6

7/5 Buenos Aires, River Plate-Internacional, 21.30 hs. (Argentina & Brazil)

7/5 Lima, Alianza Lima-Palestino, 19.30 hs. Perú and 20.30 Chile