Gallardo: "It's important to focus and not fall into the trap of being content with what we've already achieved"

The coach of the CONMEBOL Libertadores winners insists it is important his side retain their winning mentality if they want to keep progressing.

Marcelo Gallardo held a press conference in Punta del Este which is where River Plate have begun their preseason training camp. The coach stated the importance of his role in guiding River onto the right path. "There's a moment where things become competitive. It's important for us to remain focused and not fall into the trap of being happy with what we've achieved. We must focus if we want to compete again."

At the same time, Gallardo spoke about the victory in Madrid. "What we achieved we remain for eternity and no one can take that away from us." However, there was also a warning for his side too. "The only way to advance is to not dwell on past achievements and instead create a working environment. The players understand that perfectly and they are the engine which drives us forward."

The coach was also honest about how tough the start of the season would be for River. "It's probably going to be a little difficult for us at the start of the season because the fixtures haven't been kind to us. We are playing important matches very early on and our objective will be to keep within touching distance of the teams at the top of the league."