Carlos Tevez confirms he's staying with Boca in search of the Libertadores, opens door for Corinthians, West Ham return

In a wide-ranging interview with Radio La Red, Tevez confirmed he plans to stay at Boca through the end of 2020, donating his salary, but opened the door on a return to Corinthians or West Ham in 2021.

"I'm going to stay at Boca, I want another chance at the Libertadores" Carlos Tevez made it quite clear what his chief motivation will be over the next six months, once football receives the green light to return from the proper authorities. But while Tevez will be playing on in the blue and gold in hopes of capturing the Libertadores, he'll also be ensuring he's making a difference, telling Radio La Red that he plans to donate 100% of his salary during the next six months.

"I'm going to donate all of my contract, prizes included, to a charity. We'll pick people that need vaccines, public works, we're still deciding... We're going to put it in the contract where the money will go, I don't want it." 

While Tevez admits he may need to extend the contract past December in order to finish the Libertadores with Boca due to the uncertainty surrouding football at the moment, he made it clear he's open regarding what will happen next, including hinting about a potential return to English football. 

"We'll see if I retire in December, or if I go to Corinthians for six months or six months at West Ham... I'm going to leave it open, I don't want to be a slave to my words, after, we'll see. I think this is good for now, what I've decided with my family."

While he's open to returning to old stomping grounds in either London or São Paulo, Tevez is certain of a few things: 

"In Argentina, I'll only play for Boca, I've always said that. If we talk about Europe, I'd go to West Ham for sure. Even if it's just six months for them to applaud me."

While retirement isn't necessarily on Tevez's mind at the moment, he's already planning a big send off at La Bombonera. "The day I have my farewell match at La Bombonera, I want Messi, Ronaldo, Scholes, Rooney, Buffon, Pogba, Pirlo and others to be there."

While the future has been left up in the air, there's no doubt where Tevez's motivations lie both on and off the pitch over the coming months.