Campuzano, who has joined Boca Juniors, and his historic night against Colo Colo

He's already played for the Colombian national team. The midfielder convinced his father that he should abandon everything to play football.

Don Arístides Campuzano wanted his children to remain in education, to go to university and end up with a stable job. In the small town of Tamalameque, which has just 12.500 inhabitants, he was one of the few experts in Chemistry. However his children, like most people´s, weren't always on the same page as their father. Whenever he wasn't looking they snuck out of the door to go play football. He managed to convince Frederich at least. Jorman, at the age of just 15, packed his bags and left for Bogota. Life there wasn't easy. At a town square they noticed him and took him to a club. Even then, it was still difficult. He didn't have any money. He went from house to house, from uncle to uncle, until he found the Argentine Hernán Lisi. He played briefly for La Equidad. Lisi took him to Banfield, in Argentina, for a trial. He didn't stay. Nothing was working until he read an advertisement in a newspaper: Deportivo Pereira were looking for players. He sold his mobile phone and had a trial playing as a central defender. And there he stayed.

He spent three seasons at Pereira. He found the area of the pitch where he wanted to play: central midfield. In whichever formation and roles were needed for the midfield, he was a defensive pivot. He had a great first touch and could recover the ball quickly. That was until 2018 when Atlético Nacional decided to sign him, but he initally found it difficult to produce his best form. It was logical too. Pereira were in the second division and needed extra muscle. At a much bigger club, he transformed and his heart exploded with pride. His father, Don Arístides, who along the way was constantly telling his son to at least finish his A-Levels, had been an Atlético Nacional supporter all his life and he cried the day his son told him he was going there.

Moving up to the highest level forced Jorman to build up his muscle mass and make fundamental changes to his diet. With Jorge Almirón as his coach, his body began to change. "A healthy boy, a hard worker and with an mind open so he can learn,"" is what one of the coaching staff said about him. There, he grew.

His acid test was coming up against one of the best enganches on the continent: Jorge Valdivia. This was in the first round of the CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018. At Santiago, Chile, the midfielder came onto the pitch after 57 minutes of action had passed. He stood out. His recoveries allowed the team from Medellín freedom to attack. When the opposition tried to create their own attack, he closed it down, gave the ball to Vladimir Hernández, who rounded Agustín Orion and opened the scoring. The conclusion was there for all to see: Jorman Campuzano was ready to make the step up.

The scouts from the Colombian national team saw his progress and called him up. He made his debut against Venezuela where he curiously replaced Wilmar Barrios, his new teammate after now moving to Boca Juniors.

He's right-footed, has superb technical quality and is fast. In tight spaces his close touch control allows him to get away from the opposition. He can find a pass and is known for making the right decisions. The question will be how he adapts to Argentinian football which, traditionally speaking, gives you less time and space on the ball than the Colombian league. Although he's capable of organising the side, he found it difficult to adapt to playing deeper and just ahead of the two centre backs. Those who know him best say he's more suited to playing further forward: just as he did in that famous night against Colo Colo.